Scarlet pimpernel

David Scotchford

David Scotchford DAVID SCOTCHFORD (Guest Dance Teacher) is native of Brisbane, Australia who now lives in New York City.  Trained in ballet, jazz and tap, he was quickly recognized as one of Australia's most sought-after all-around dancers.  From musical theater to commercial dance, David’s versatility, combined with his technique and explosive style, gained attention and respect.  He has worked with many of Australia’s top choreographers, musical theater and film directors as well as performers, including Baz Luhrman, John O’Connell, Kylie Minogue, David Atkins, Kelly Abbey, Ross Coleman and William Forsythe.‚Äč In 2004, David became the dance captain for the world premiere stage production of Dirty Dancing.  He has traveled the world with the show, assisting choreographer Kate Champion and working closely with the show’s writer/creator, Eleanor Bergstein.  In 2007, David was given the title of Associate Choreographer/Additional Choreographer for Dirty Dancing worldwide, and, in 2012, he choreographed a brand new production of the show in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by teamwork, he strives to create choreography that is elegant, inventive and soulful.