How to Succeed


The Curriculum

Our B.F.A. in Musical Theatre Performance blends
singing, acting, dancing, performing and liberal arts into a balanced, conservatory-style university education.


OU Musical Theatre students take a one-hour
private voice lesson with faculty each week.
     Studio Voice / Master Class / Group Piano
     Music Notation / Sight Reading / Rock Class


OU Musical Theatre students study acting
alongside drama students.
     Intro to Acting / Character Study
     Scene Study / Shakespeare / Voice & Speech


OU Musical Theatre students enroll in dance
at their technical level.
     Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Modern / Styles / Core


OU Musical Theatre students receive specialized
classes to integrate their performance skills.
     Auditions / Song Study / Musical Scenes
     Repertoire / Roles / Coaching


OU’s dynamic core curriculum broadens our
students’ critical thinking and knowledge.
     Symbolic & Oral Communication
     Natural Sciences / Social Sciences
     Humanities / Capstone

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