Anything Goes


Our Process

To be accepted into our program, you must participate in a two-part audition.

Part I: Pre-Audition

Attend Unifieds or submit a Video to complete the Pre-Audition. Video Guidelines are contained in the Application Forms.

January 24, 2015
New York City at Pearl Studios
February 2-3, 2015
Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton
February 7, 2015
Los Angeles at the LAX Westin
  What are UNIFIED Auditions? More

Part II: Callback

If you receive a callback or we contact you regarding your video submission, then you will be invited to a final on-campus audition in February.  This is a mandatory step in the process so that our entire faculty may see you perform in person. 

Prospective students must apply to both the School of Musical Theatre and the University of Oklahoma.  For incoming freshmen and transfer students, the School follows the standard academic admission requirements of the University of Oklahoma.  Admission criteria and acceptance requirements may be found at OU Recruitment Services.

Information about OU scholarships and dorms can be found at Financial Aid Services and Housing & Food.